in 3 days we finished painting the apartment and repairing the boiler

For our client we completed the redecoration of a flat and the repair of a boiler in 3 days.

How did we do it?

We came to the client's home to assess the scope of work.

We determined the repairs needed.

We took measurements of the apartment to calculate the amount of paint and other materials required.

We inspected the boiler and discovered a malfunctioning switch.

We made all repairs using high quality materials from trusted suppliers to ensure the best results.

On the first day we repaired the boiler and fixed the water heating problems in the flat.

On the second day, we repaired all the holes and imperfections in the walls and ceilings and lifted the surfaces to create a smooth paint finish.

We moved the furniture to the center of the room so as not to damage it.

We cleaned the walls to remove any dust or dirt.

We then got to work painting and priming. We then proceeded with the main coats of paint, ensuring sufficient drying time between coats.

On the third day, we made the final touches, where we addressed the small areas that needed attention and returned all the furniture to its original place