Unique houses in luxury complex Pirin Golf, Bansko

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Unique houses in the luxury complex Pirin Golf!
The 150 hectare Pirin Golf & Country Club is an incredible gated complex located between the Pirin, Rila and Rodopy mountains just minutes from the ski resort of Bansko. Part of European Tour Destinations and winner of the Best Golf Hotel in Bulgaria for 2021 by World Golf Awards, TOP 100 complexes in Europe in the category of best value for money, TOP 100 golf courses in continental Europe and TOP 100 golf complex. The complex offers unique recreational opportunities all year round in a boutique five-star hotel and a four-star apartment complex with wonderful conditions for skiing in winter, golf from spring to winter, SPA and relaxation. It sells and rents luxury homes, manages golf courses and practice areas at an international level. The maintenance fee is 17€/m2 per year. A complex with more than 20 themed restaurants, supermarkets, bars and shops, a SPA area of more than 5,500 sqm, a sports centre, 7 swimming pools, a convention centre and a golf academy.
In this unique complex you now have the opportunity to acquire a luxury home that will fully satisfy your requirements. Several new houses will be built here, so you have the opportunity to choose the one of your dreams. The property is extremely suitable for investment due to its location, which provides easy and quick access to restaurants and shops. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us! We will discuss everything with you and advise you. With over 4 million players registered in Europe, golf is one of the most traditional sports on the old continent. At Pirin Golf & Country Club you will find two of the top 100 golf courses in continental Europe and part of the European Tour Destinations. The Ian Woosnam and Pirin Pine courses, set against the towering Pirin Mountain, sum up what it means to play golf in the mountains. The complex is an hour from Sofia International Airport and minutes from the popular ski resort of Bansko. Pirin Golf & Country Club hosts over 40 tournaments a year, some of which include the Macedonian Amateur Open WAGR, Turkish Airlines, Volvo, AUBG (American University of Bulgaria), BDO and many more.
Treat yourself to top-notch service and shopping at Pirin Golf Hotel & Spa
Pirin Golf Hotel and Spa is surrounded by pine trees and includes 2 golf courses, driving range, golf academy, 7 swimming pools, 2 supermarkets, piano bar, fitness centre, squash, billiards, table tennis, 7 outdoor areas for children, bakery, sports shop, ski school and clothing shop.
The Bansko ski lift is located 12 km from Pirin Golf. During the ski season, the hotel offers a free 10-minute shuttle service to/from the lift every hour during the day. There is also a free golf cart shuttle that can take guests around the complex during the summer.
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And a little more about Bansko:
The town is located 927 meters above sea level, in a valley where three mountains meet - Pirin, Rodopy and Rila.
On one side - Rodopy, on the other side - Rila with the highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula - Musala (2925 m), and on the third - Pirin.
The town of Bansko is the main administrative and cultural-economic centre of the region.
It is located 161 km south of Sofia Airport and 56 km southeast of Blagoevgrad, with which it is well connected.
Bansko is a popular destination as it is close to Greece - just 140 km from the Aegean Sea. 6 km from Bansko are hot mineral springs.
Because Bansko has everything!

Winter hiking
According to a European survey of ski resorts in Europe, Bansko is one of the most popular resorts. The resorts are ranked in six categories according to the length of the slopes. With slopes from 51 to 100 km, Bansko is in first place! It is the cheapest resort in this category of resorts surveyed. 75 km of professionally groomed and reliably maintained slopes, a good ski school and a ski room available to skiers and snowboarders.
27 km of modern, high-capacity lifts transport guests quickly and comfortably to the slopes, which are perfectly groomed with impeccable equipment.
The ski area has a total of 17 marked trails with a total length of 65 km, of which 9 km are ski roads. Bansko offers a unique opportunity for a 16 km continuous descent. The last 7 km of the slope that connects the ski resort with the town of Bansko are equipped with 40 guns for artificial snow and lighting for night skiing.
The total number of lifts is 23 - seven seats, two of which are new, 6 lifts and ten children's lifts. There are new children's lifts and a nursery.
Summer hiking
For the needs of summer hiking in Pirin National Park, 13 main and 17 secondary mountain routes have been developed. Rock climbing is allowed in 6 places. In the high alpine part of the mountain, eight mountain huts and five shelters receive hikers in summer. In addition, excursions are organized to the monasteries of Rila and Rozhen, Melnik, the bear park in Belitsa, the village of Trigrad, the cave "Devil's Throat" and other sights and beautiful places; mountain hiking in Pirin, horse riding in Rila, cycling, rafting, safari, offroad and paintball.

Regular events:
Alpine Skiing World Cup competitions on the "Alberto Tomba" course.
From December to April - many winter events - competitions in alpine skiing, snowboarding, biathlon.
July - summer theatre festival
August - International Jazz Festival
September - Pirin Folk Bulgaria - Bansko. International Festival of Bulgarian Folk Songs
November - Bansko Film Fest - International festival of mountain films.
Bansko is Bulgaria's newest winter ski resort and perhaps the most beautiful. In recent years the resort has attracted considerable foreign investment, allowing for significant improvements in infrastructure and leisure services.
Tourism business is a major area of strategic importance for the socio-economic development of Bansko. The increasing volume of investment in tourism has led to the creation of new jobs in tourism services and several times more in construction. In recent years, more than a hundred hotels have been built here, ranging from small family hotels to luxury spas.
A second cable car is to be built at the ski resort and €30 million will be invested in a golf course. The local industry is represented by small workshops in woodworking and clothing; many companies in trade and services, hotels and restaurants, agriculture. Wood processors and craftsmen are linked in a subsidiary organisation, as much of their production (furniture) is for export. The development of this sector and the investment policy of small and medium-sized enterprises in the woodworking industry is undergoing dynamic development and flexibility.
Agriculture - about 20% of arable land is used. The main crops grown here are potatoes and tobacco. Livestock - mainly cows, goats and sheep are kept.

Units in complex

Unique houses in luxury complex Pirin Golf, Bansko
desirable complex desirable locality
650 m2
12 000 m
480,000 €
Šipka vpravo

Units in complex

Dům № Typ domu Plocha pozemku Celková plocha domu Cena € (aktuální stav bez dokončení) Stav
1 Malina 749 195 ------------ Prodáno
2 Malina 742 195 ------------ Prodáno
3 Malina 826 195 ------------ Prodáno
4 Malina 834 195 ------------ Prodáno
1 Twin 1030 195 510 000 Volný Rezervovat
1 Mountain 1030 307 700 000 Volný Rezervovat
2 Twin 656 195 510 000 Volný Rezervovat
4 Twin 656 195 510 000 Volný Rezervovat
3 Twin 656 195 510 000 Volný Rezervovat
17 Twin 660 195 510 000 Volný Rezervovat
18 Twin 660 195 510 000 Volný Rezervovat
19 Twin 660 195 510 000 Volný Rezervovat
20 Twin 1043 195 510 000 Volný Rezervovat
20 Mountain 1043 307 700 000 Volný Rezervovat
21 Malina 660 195 510 000 Volný Rezervovat
11 Malina 650 195 680 000 Volný Rezervovat
3 Mountain 1043 307 1 200 000 Volný Rezervovat
M5 3 bedroom 218,51 186,03 437 020 Volný Rezervovat
M1 3 bedroom 193,68 164,89 387 360 Volný Rezervovat
M2 3 bedroom 193,68 164,89 387 360 Volný Rezervovat
15 garage 31 16,30 8 361 Volný Rezervovat
5 Malina 706 195 ------------ Prodáno
6 Malina 943 307 ------------ Prodáno
7 Malina 943 307 ------------ Prodáno
8 Malina 747 195 ------------ Prodáno
9 Malina 652 195 ------------ Prodáno
10 Malina 1287 390 ------------ Prodáno
12 Malina 650 195 ----------- Prodáno
13 Malina 650 195 ------------ Prodáno
5 km
5 km
440 m
220 m
220 m
училище / Kindergarten/school
470 m

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