Spacious 2 rooms in the phase of rough construction, Shabla

Shabla, Bulgaria – ID 5769
29,000 €
Area 757 m2
Flat kind 2+kk
Sea 7 000 m
Condition Ready

We offer you real estate, family house for complete reconstruction in the village of Shabla. The layout of the house is 2 rooms and has 84 m2 - living room with kitchen, one bedroom, preparation for a bathroom with toilet. Garden has 757 m2. Electricity, water are introduced to the house. The house is located in a quiet area, almost at the end of the town. Distance from the beach is 7 km. Very interesting price! We recommend!

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Shabla is located near the town of Kavarna, 83 km from Varna and 24 km from the Bulgarian-Romanian border. Shabla has about 4200 inhabitants.

The town has all amenities - school, kindergarten, shops, restaurants.

The town has some of the most beautiful wild sandy beaches that stretch from Shable to the Romanian border. It is also famous for the first discovered oil field in Bulgaria.

Cape Shabla is the easternmost geographical point of Bulgaria. It is also home to the oldest lighthouse in the Balkans.

Underwater tourism enthusiasts will find it interesting that there are many sunken naval vessels in the sea around Shabla, including submarines from World War II.

There are also two protected areas in the Shabla region:

Lake Shabla, located just off the coast, is a wonderful place for tourists and fishing enthusiasts.

Shabla Tuzla is located not far from the lake. It is a lagoon lake, the bottom of which is rich in hydrogen sulphide mud used for mud therapy.

Nearby are the real pearls of the northern coast, such as Cape Kaliakra, Tyulenovo, Balchik, Rusalka, , Bolata, Topola and many others. Many foreigners live in Shable and its surroundings, including many Czechs.

Flat kind
757 m2
Plot area
757 m2
Usable area
84 m2
Building area
84 m2
350 m
1 km
570 m
320 m
630 m
училище / Kindergarten/school
720 m

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