New apartments by the sea, Kavarna, Bulgaria

Kavarna, Bulgaria – ID 6729
There are 11 units left in this complex

We offer for sale beautiful apartments in the new complex Bizone, which consists of three buildings. The offered apartments are located in building C, spread over four floors and their total number is 14, the building is already completed.
The complex is available to you and your guests:
green landscaped areas
There is no maintenance fee.
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The town of Kavarna is a coastal town in Bulgaria and is located on the rocky coast in the northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The population is around 12,000. Kavarna is known as the "rock capital of Bulgaria" because every summer it gathers world-famous rock bands on one stage. The Historical Museum of Kavarna houses finds from the 5th-6th centuries AD. On display are finds from the Thracian tribes that inhabited the region, from the life of the Slavs and the Prabulhar. There are complete amenities, shops, restaurants, schools, kindergartens, cafes, hospitals. The town boasts a well-maintained town beach. Nearby are the real pearls of the northern coast, such as Cape Kaliakra, Tyulenovo, Balchik, Rusalka, Shabla, Bolata, Topola and many others. Many foreigners live in Kavarna and its surroundings, including many Czechs. There are also rocks in the vicinity of Kavarna, from which there is a truly breathtaking view of the Black Sea. There are also many healing hot springs nearby. There is also a spa with healing mud, which has a proven effect on the musculoskeletal system.

Units in complex

New 2 rooms in Bizone complex, just 300m from the beach , Café
desirable complex desirable locality Good price
55 m2
300 m
57,000 €
Šipka vpravo
New 2 rooms just 300m from the beach , Café
desirable complex desirable locality Good price

New 2 rooms just 300m from the beach , Café

Kavarna, Bulgaria – ID 12211

67 m2
300 m
67,000 €
Šipka vpravo
Perfect 3 rooms just 100m from the beach, underground parking, Kavarna, Bulgaria
sea view desirable complex desirable locality Good price sale
81 m2
100 m
111,000 € 119,000 €
Šipka vpravo
New 3 rooms just 100m from the beach, parking space, cafe
sea view desirable complex desirable locality Good price
104 m2
100 m
112,000 €
Šipka vpravo

Units in complex

Sekce Apartmán č. Patro Užitná plocha Terasa Celková plocha Dispozice Celková cena v eurech Stav
C 1 Přízemí 27 0 31.95 Studio --------- Prodáno
C 2 První 71.06 13.66 103.86 2kk --------- Prodáno
C 3 První 70.08 21.77 108.70 2kk 80 000 Volný Rezervovat
C 4 První 49.61 5.22 67.28 2kk 67 000 Volný Rezervovat
C 5 Druhé 46.55 3.60 61.85 2kk --------- Volný Rezervovat
C 6 Druhé 61.28 9.23 83.45 2kk 77 000 Volný Rezervovat
C 7 Druhé 38.91 6.22 55.90 2kk 57 000 Volný Rezervovat
C 8 Druhé 50.95 4.86 68.43 2kk 68 000 Volný Rezervovat
C 9 Třetí 50.81 3.55 64.33 2kk 52 000 Volný Rezervovat
C 10 Třetí 62.57 9.29 85.04 2kk 104 700 Volný Rezervovat
C 11 Třetí 39.05 7.23 57.44 2kk 60 000 Volný Rezervovat
C 12 Třetí 50.95 4.86 69.65 2kk 71 000 Volný Rezervovat
C 13 Čtvrté 96.63 19.58 141.13 2kk --------- Prodáno
C 14 Čtvrté 99.14 25.28 149.72 3kk 206 700 Volný Rezervovat
2 km
2 km
2 km
220 m
150 m
училище / Kindergarten/school
2 km

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