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Sunny Beach, Bulgaria – ID 8689
There are 22 units left in this complex

We present to you a new project of beautiful apartments in the Emilia Romana Verde complex on the Sunny Beach. The construction is scheduled to start in October 2023. On a plot of 4270 m2 will be built a six-storey building with 94 apartments, of which 61 will be 2 rooms and 33 will be 3 rooms. The investor provides parking spaces for all apartments. The building will have an underground car park with 55 spaces, 8 of which will be double rooms, 2 lifts, a reception and a technical room. The 2 room apartments will be from 50 to 66 m2. The 3 room apartments will be from 73 to 129 m2.
All apartments will be offered with turnkey finishing. Complete furnishing according to the visualization is possible at an additional cost.
The name VERDE (from Italian "green") draws attention to the rich greenery of the complex and the presence of a park in front of it, as well as the innovative solutions in the orchard landscaping of the facade and the eco-friendly construction.
At the heart of the project will be a large swimming pool for adults, a pool for children, plenty of relaxation zones, a well-kept, green area, a Jacuzzi, a fountain and a lounge area. A mobile bar will offer owners and guests of the complex the opportunity to sample delicious food and refresh themselves with drinks. All apartments will have a pleasant view of the pool building or the park, as well as a cozy terrace. The apartments on the sixth floor will have spacious terraces with beautiful landscaping. Construction is scheduled to begin in October 2023. Scheduled completion and occupancy- May 2025. We will send a payment plan upon request. Top offer! Sale directly from the developer with no commission from the buyer
Sunny Beach is the largest hotel resort in Bulgaria, it is several kilometers long and located 30 km north of Burgas. The good climatic conditions of the whole area, the beautiful, 8 km long sandy beach with a gradual descent into the sea and the proximity to the historic Nessebar make Sunny Beach one of the most sought after places in the Bulgarian Black Sea. Transportation in the resort is provided by mini-trains and regular bus services connect it with the surrounding towns.
Sunny Beach is an ideal place to spend a pleasant family holiday with plenty of attractions for children. Young people will also enjoy the many entertainment options.
The resort has a lively coastal promenade running the entire length of the beach almost to Nessebar. It is lined with a number of cafes, stalls and cosy restaurants. During the summer season there are many festivals, concerts and other cultural events. Walking along the beautifully lit colonnades is also very popular. In recent years, most of the hotels have undergone major modernisation and are second to none in many of the renowned tourist resorts in the Mediterranean.
The main attraction of the resort, however, is the beach - eight kilometres of fine light sand. Access to the water is very gradual, suitable for non-swimmers and small children who can safely play here.
Also worth mentioning is the local water park Action, which is designed for all generations. There are many slides, water slides, pools, whirlpools, children's pools, cafes, restaurants, pizzerias, patisseries, poolside bars and many other attractions.

Units in complex

3 rooms in a project with the possibility of installments, Sunny Beach
desirable complex desirable locality Good price
73 m2
800 m
99,900 €
Šipka vpravo

Units in complex

Patro Apartmán číslo Dispozice Celková plocha m2 Celková cena € Stav
První A102 2+kk 50,24 ---------- Prodáno
První A103 2+kk 56,35 ---------- Prodáno
První A104 2+kk 70,72 99 900 Volný Rezervovat
První A105 2+kk 56,32 ---------- Prodáno
První A106 2+kk 60,06 84 900 Volný Rezervovat
První A107 2+kk 56,09 ---------- Prodáno
První A108 2+kk 55,77 ---------- Rezervováno
První B101 3+kk 73,11 99 900 Volný Rezervovat
První B107 2+kk 66,18 89 900 Volný Rezervovat
První B108 2+kk 55,77 ---------- Prodáno
Druhé A201 3+kk 73,11 ---------- Prodáno
Druhé A204 2+kk 70,72 ---------- Prodáno
Druhé A206 2+kk 59,51 ---------- Prodáno
Druhé A207 2+kk 66,18 ---------- Prodáno
Druhé A209 3+kk 80,37 ---------- Prodáno
Druhé B201 3+kk 73,11 ----------- Prodáno
Druhé B204 2+kk 70,72 ---------- Prodáno
Druhé B206 2+kk 59,51 ---------- Rezervováno
Druhé B207 2+kk 66,18 ---------- Prodáno
Druhé B208 2+kk 55,74 ---------- Rezervováno
Druhé B209 3+kk 80,37 ---------- Prodáno
Třetí A301 3+kk 73,11 ---------- Rezervováno
Třetí A303 3+kk 88,84 ----------- Prodáno
Třetí A304 3+kk 88,82 ----------- Prodáno
Třetí A306 2+kk 66,18 ---------- Prodáno
Třetí A308 3+kk 80,37 ----------- Prodáno
Třetí B303 3+kk 88,84 129 900 Volný Rezervovat
Třetí B306 2+kk 66,18 ----------- Prodáno
Třetí B308 3+kk 80,37 ---------- Rezervováno
Čtvrté A403 3+kk 83.29 ---------- Prodáno
Čtvrté A406 2+kk 66,18 99 900 Rezervováno
Páté A501 3+kk 73.11 109 900 Volný Rezervovat
Páté A503 3+kk 83.29 124 900 Volný Rezervovat
Páté A504 3+kk 83.27 124 900 Volný Rezervovat
Páté A505 2+kk 59.51 89 900 Volný Rezervovat
Páté A506 2+kk 66.18 99 900 Volný Rezervovat
Páté B505 2+kk 59.51 ---------- Rezervováno
Šesté A601 2+kk 50,90 ----------- Prodáno
Šesté A602 2+kk 55,63 ----------- Prodáno
Šesté B605 2+kk 65 ----------- Prodáno
Druhé CB204 Spíž 4,63 5500 Volný Rezervovat
Druhé CB205 Spíž 4,63 5500 Volný Rezervovat
Druhé CB206 Spíž 4,63 5500 Volný Rezervovat
Třetí CB303 Spíž 4,63 --------- Rezervováno
Třetí CB304 Spíž 4,63 5500 Volný Rezervovat
Třetí CB305 Spíž 4,63 5500 Volný Rezervovat
Třetí CB306 Spíž 4,63 5500 Volný Rezervovat
Třetí CA307 Spíž 4,74 5500 Volný Rezervovat
Čtvrté CB404 Spíž 4,63 5500 Volný Rezervovat
Čtvrté CB405 Spíž 4,63 5500 Volný Rezervovat
Páté CB503 Spíž 4,63 5500 Volný Rezervovat
Třetí 308 2+kk 64,45 ----------- Rezervováno
Páté 504+505 3+kk 136,09 ---------- Rezervováno
Šesté 602 2+kk 99.50 150 000 Volný Rezervovat
Šesté 606 2+kk 102,11 ---------- Prodáno
Šesté 603 2+kk 98.16 150 000 Volný Rezervovat
370 m
1 km
280 m
150 m
190 m
училище / Kindergarten/school
1 km

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