family house for the price of land, Poručik Čunčevo, Kavarna

Kavarna, Bulgaria – ID 6861
40,000 €
Area 2500 m2
Flat kind 2+1
Sea 5 000 m
Condition Ready
Season All year

We offer you a ground-floor house for renovation for the price of the land, located in the village of Poručik Čunčevo, 8 km from the town of Šabla and about 5 min. drive from the beach. On the plot there is a house for total reconstruction of 70m2. On the plot there is electricity and municipal water, waste is solved by septic tank. The land is 2500m2, part of the land(1200m2) is very well maintained, on the rest of the land there are deciduous trees. The land is partially fenced and there is a good access road from two sides. There are also several farm buildings on the plot. The land has great potential for all fruit and vegetable growers or livestock and bee keeping.

Poručik Čunčevo is a quiet village, 8 km from the town of Šabla and 13 km from the town of Kavarna. There are about 30 permanent inhabitants and several families of foreigners. The village is situated on the main road to Romania, thus the road is in very good condition. The village has a grocery store and a restaurant open all year round.

Shabla is located near the town of Kavarna, 83 km from Varna and 24 km from the Bulgarian-Romanian border. About 4,200 inhabitants live in Shabla.

The town has all amenities - school, kindergarten, shops, restaurants.

The town has some of the most beautiful wild sandy beaches that stretch from Shable to the Romanian border. It is also famous for the first discovered oil field in Bulgaria.

Cape Shabla is the easternmost geographical point of Bulgaria. It is also home to the oldest lighthouse in the Balkans.

Underwater tourism enthusiasts will find it interesting that there are many sunken naval vessels in the sea around Shabla, including submarines from World War II.

There are also two protected areas in the Shabla region:

Lake Shabla, located just off the coast, is a wonderful place for tourists and fishing enthusiasts.

Shabla Tuzla is located not far from the lake. It is a lagoon lake, the bottom of which is rich in hydrogen sulphide mud used for mud therapy.

Nearby are the real pearls of the northern coast, such as Cape Kaliakra, Tyulenovo, Balchik, Rusalka, , Bolata, Topola and many others. Many foreigners live in Shable and its surroundings, including many Czechs.

The town of Kavarna is a coastal town in Bulgaria and is located on the rocky coast in the northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The population is around 12,000. Kavarna is known as the "rock capital of Bulgaria" because every summer it gathers world-famous rock bands on one stage. The Historical Museum of Kavarna houses finds from the 5th-6th centuries AD. On display are finds from the Thracian tribes that inhabited the region, from the life of the Slavs and the Prabulhar. There are complete amenities, shops, restaurants, schools, kindergartens, cafes, hospitals. The town boasts a well-maintained town beach. Nearby are the real pearls of the northern coast, such as Cape Kaliakra, Tyulenovo, Balchik, Rusalka, Shabla, Bolata, Topola and many others. Many foreigners live in Kavarna and its surroundings, including many Czechs. There are also rocks in the vicinity of Kavarna, from which there is a truly breathtaking view of the Black Sea. There are also many healing hot springs nearby. There is also a spa with healing mud, which has a proven effect on the musculoskeletal system.

Flat kind
2500 m2
Plot area
2500 m2
Usable area
70 m2
Building area
70 m2
7 km
8 km
8 km
300 m
8 km
училище / Kindergarten/school
6 km

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