ALEX BEACH - Saint Vlas - Elenite, Bulgaria

Sveti Vlas, Bulgaria – ID P26
from 43 € per day
4 hosté
2 lůžka
1× double,2× extra-bed,1× baby bed
terrace Terrace
wifi Wi-fi
aircondition Aircondition
dishwasher Dishwasher
washer Washing machine
kitchen_full Fully equipped kitchen
shower Shower
tv TV
grill Grill

The beach and swimming are the basis of a stay by the sea. In the case of ALEX BEACH, it is a private beach with access only from the fenced resort. The beach has fine sand and several large boulders, including access to the sea. The ideal slope allows you to swim 10m from the shore, depth within 2m is almost everywhere within 60m from the shore. The beach averages around 10 people per day in full season, over 20 only exceptionally and sporadically in high season. In low season it is almost a Robinsonian stay. Straw parasols are available on the beach. Lightweight folding reclining chairs are in the apartment and can be carried to the beach. Unlike the large and crowded beaches, everything is included.

Staying here has nothing in common with the central beaches of Bulgaria with thousands of people without any distance!

Fully furnished 2 bedroom, 50m2 apartment in the area of Elenite(behind St. Vlas) formerly a government holiday area. The apartment has efficient air conditioning and the windows are equipped with external blinds. 2 unbreakable rooms, in the living room there is a sofa bed for sleeping 2 people. There is enough space in the apartment to sleep a 5th person "on the floor". The apartment is in the fenced resort ALEX BEACH, which is one of the smaller and quiet ones. Parking is from the north under the trees - shaded to the apartment is only about 30m. Behind the road is a wooded hill. The bedroom is north facing on the ground floor and in the heat you can sit in front of the open bedroom window. The window is almost on the ground. In the living room the windows to the terrace are completely on the ground. In front of the house there is a landscaped garden with a small pool, which also has a section for children. By the pool there is a bar where you can also cook. The prices are very reasonable. To the sea you go about 60 m downhill, where there is a beach over 100 m long and about 6 - 7 m wide, which turns into a wild coastline on which you can (better in sport shoes) walk about 300,max. 400 m to the right to the center of St. Vlas to the yacht harbor (the best, but also the most expensive part of the Bulgarian coast) and then continues the promenade along the coast with many restaurants.... On the left is a large resort with shops, restaurants at a similar distance....

Those interested in staying will get more information on the operation of the apartment and the resort but mainly on bargain shopping.....

Accommodation in the apartment

Apartment for rent provides accommodation for 2 to 5 people in 2 bedrooms.

Bedrooms and rooms.

Large double bed, large wardrobe and chest of drawers + bedside tables with lamp.

Bathroom: Spacious with toilet, sink, shower and boiler that heats water to a comfortable temperature within an hour.

Even the sanitary area has a small raised window fitted with a mosquito net, I recommend to ventilate all the time.


Transportation, parking. Parking is under the trees - in the shade.

The road from the Czech Republic is mostly (95%) on the highway. Fuel prices in Bulgaria are one of the lowest in Europe. LPG everywhere, CNG 10 km from home and on the road in Bulgaria and Serbia cheaper than in the Czech Republic.


Fully equipped kitchen for permanent heating and cooking. Bar - cafe even with limited hot and cold food is right on the premises - 30m. Simple meals, very reasonable prices. (5 - 10,- Leva meals, Beer 0,5 l Smichov 2,80 Leva). Many dining options in the wider area. Tap water is good quality, just can't drain to cold enough, recommend bottled water to chill in fridge or freezer.

Apartment amenities

The sofa bed creates enough space to sleep 2 people. Smaller table, wall, shelves. Kitchen is large and fully equipped. Plenty of all inventory.....

Excursions, attractions, entertainment

The surrounding destinations of St. Vlas, Elenite and especially Sunny Beach offer all water attractions from boat rentals, jet skis, banana rides and parachutes. Boat rides including historic ones.

There are several good aqua centres in the vicinity.

The historic town of Nessebar is 13 km away.

Despite the shallow depths there is plenty to see underwater.

Very good conditions for skilled wind surfers.

The resort has its own beach on which, for example, now in full season ranges from 2 to 20 people!!

It is possible to be on a chair or sun lounger even off the beach. Although there are 5 straw umbrellas there are several shaded areas on the beach by trees. There is also a parasol in the apartment, but this can only be used in light winds.

Price list for accommodation / rental

capacity 2 to 5 people - 2 bedrooms

Minimum stay of 7 nights.

Prices per week per apartment

Summer season: 8-10,900,- CZK

Low season: 4,4-7.500,- CZK

New Year's Eve


free properties on New Year's Eve

Operation, fees, prices

Week 1. 2. 3. 4. Full month ( 4 weeks)

May 4,400,- 4,800,- 5,200,- 5,800,- 15,900,-

June 6,400,- 6,900,- 7,600,- 8,200,- 21,900,-

July 9,900,- 10,400,- 10,600,- 10,900,- 32,900,-

August 10,900,- 10,600,- 10,400,- 9,600,- 31,900,-

September 8,500 7,900,- 7,200,- 6,600,- 20,900,-

October 5,900 5,400,- 4,900,- 4,400,- 14,900,-

April by arrangement - longer stay very cheap, ideal for medical stays.

Owner recommends :

14 day family stay car transport = car on site for excursions.

On the 2nd week there is a 10% discount from the more expensive week. (e.g. 2nd + 3rd week in September = 7,900 - 790 + 7,200 = 14,310

Prices are final, no additional fees or surcharges.

Guests are of course free to change / substitute for longer bookings / stays.

A deposit of 1/2 of the price is a binding reservation, if the stay is more than 5 months away the deposit is 1/4 of the total price.

Additional payment approx. 3 weeks before arrival, if the deposit is only 1/4 of the price 6 weeks before the holiday date.

Cancellation : at least 6 weeks before the date 1/4 of the price, at least 3 weeks 1/2 of the price, less than 3 weeks the cancellation is 70% of the price.

In case of border closure or other general impossibility of accommodation, the full amount paid so far will be refunded

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