Taxes in Halkidiki


Important fees associated with property ownership

Taxes in Halkidiki

1. Local municipal property tax. Depends on the square footage of property declared to the City Council. The tax charge is about €1 per square metre, to be paid to the Town Council. The tax expense is included in the electricity bill.

2. Property Tax. Depends on the square footage of the property declared to the City Council. The tax expenditure is about €2.25 per square meter in Halkidiki. This tax expense is paid once a year and is called ENFIA.

3. Electricity costs. The electricity bill in Greece is sent every 2 months. The 1st bill is an approximate estimate of consumption compared to the previous year. The 2nd bill is final according to the actual consumption. Approximate cost for a 60 m2 apartment is 200 to 400 € for 4 summer months with active use of air conditioning. There is a new electricity tariff system that was launched on 1 January 2024 and colour coding of variable and fixed tariffs in an attempt to simplify price comparisons for consumers. To date, electricity retailers have announced new fixed tariffs, or blue tariffs, ranging from 14.9 to 17.9 cents per kWh of the conventional 12-month fixed blue tariff.

4. Water Expenses. The water bill is sent once in April and is 70¢ for all apartments and a 2nd bill will be sent in October stating how much water each apartment used, usually no more than 10 to 50¢.

5. Attendance at the communal areas. If the apartment has (garden, lighting, water, pool, etc.). The cost is shared by all the owners of the apartments in the building and is usually around 60-200 € per year.

6. Sewerage costs. The sewage tank is usually one for the whole building or several buildings and the sewage truck is called to empty the tanks 1-3 times a year. Each emptied tank costs about 70-80€ and the cost is shared among all the apartments. It usually costs €50 per year.