The fabulous resort of Pefkochori


Pefkochori is a hidden gem on the eastern peninsula of Kassandra in the heart of the Greek region of Chalkidiki

The fabulous resort of Pefkochori

Pefkochori is a hidden gem on the eastern peninsula of Kassandra, in the heart of the Greek region of Halkidiki, which lies on the glittering coast of the Aegean Sea. For those who crave beautiful holidays and relaxation, Pefkochori promises the perfect combination of Mediterranean climate, natural beauty and a laid-back lifestyle.

The charm of Pefkochori beaches:

Pefkochori boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece with golden, fine sand and crystal clear waters. You can bask in the Mediterranean sun all day, swim in the warm sea or stroll along the coastline. Owning a property in Pefkochori means having these beautiful beaches as your backyard.

Mediterranean climate and outdoor living:

Greece's Mediterranean climate is perfect for lovers of sunny days and warmth. The sun shines more than 300 days a year. Pefkochori offers an ideal environment for outdoor living. Whether enjoying a coffee at a seaside café, dining al fresco or exploring the surrounding lush nature, this town is a paradise for those who appreciate an active and sunny lifestyle.

A charming village atmosphere:

Despite the influx of visitors during the summer months, Pefkochori retains its picturesque traditional village atmosphere. The town is lined with cobbled streets, charming squares and many cosy tavernas where you can enjoy authentic Greek cuisine.

Close to the hidden gems of Kassandra:

Pefkochori serves as an ideal base for exploring the magical peninsula of Kassandra. From the picturesque village of Afytos to the lively town of Kallithea, the peninsula is a treasure trove of history, culture and natural beauty.

Investment potential:

Greece attracts property investors from all over the world and Pefkochori is no exception. The town's property market offers a diverse range of options, from charming apartments to luxury beachfront villas. As the region grows in popularity, property values are also expected to rise.

Relaxation and wellness:

Pefkochori's tranquil setting makes it an ideal place for relaxation and wellness. Whether you want to practice yoga by the sea, indulge in spa treatments, or simply relax in your own little piece of paradise, Pefkochori offers the perfect setting for a healthier and happier lifestyle.