New marina for yachts in Albania


Durrës Yachts & Marina could be the largest marina for luxury yachts in the Mediterranean.

New marina for yachts in Albania

Durrës Yachts & Marina is set to become the largest superyacht marina in the Mediterranean!

Durrës Yachts & Marina could be the largest marina for luxury yachts in the Mediterranean and will be built in the Albanian city of Durrës. Durrës Yachts & Marina is set to redefine the luxury lifestyle while accommodating some of the largest yachts in the world's fleet.

Abu Dhabi-based private investment and development company Eagle Hills is behind the project. Mohamed Alabbar, Chairman of the company, said, "This project represents the pinnacle of luxury living while bringing huge new investment, infrastructure and long-term growth opportunities to Albania."

In addition to the expansive port, the development is set to include 12,000 luxury port homes, unique shopping and dining concepts, parks and open spaces, lavish luxury hotels, world-class health clubs and spas, exclusive beach and port clubs, and a terminal for international cruise ships, the first of its kind on Albania's coastline.

The town of Durrës is located 34 km from the Albanian capital Tirana and its history dates back to 627 BC. Already home to Albania's largest port, the construction of the port is taking place in a city that is no stranger to sea travel. The project will combine Durrës' fascinating history with the luxury sector to create an iconic coastal destination for yachtsmen.

Durrës Yachts and Marina is expected to be one of the most eco-friendly new towns in the world. This is the result of careful urban planning and management, incorporating green practices, green spaces and smart technologies that reduce air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, improve air quality and protect natural resources. In addition, infrastructure within the development will include energy, water and traffic management.

In 2020, the Albanian government adopted an ambitious maritime transport strategy that includes a robust investment plan to consolidate and improve port infrastructure across the country. Our strategy envisages moving freight traffic out of urban areas and transforming the city's port into a luxury port for cruise ships and high-end tourist services. Through the conversion of the existing port and the construction of new facilities in Porto Romano, we are creating two ports under one port authority, in line with best practice in port development in northern and western Europe.