Security situation in Montenegro


Montenegro's tourism and real estate market has been growing in recent years

Security situation in Montenegro

Tourism and the real estate market have been growing in Montenegro in recent years. But when travellers consider heading to this glamorous destination for their next holiday, it's natural to ask about the security situation in this Balkan country.

General security

Montenegro is generally a safe country for tourists and enjoys a relatively low crime rate. Violent crime is rare and most travellers can explore popular tourist areas and enjoy days at the beach without encountering significant security problems. However, as in any destination, petty and pickpocket thefts can occur, especially in crowded areas, tourist sites, beaches and public transport. Travellers are advised to remain vigilant, secure their belongings, keep a close eye on them and maintain common sense to avoid falling victim to opportunistic thieves.

Traffic Safety

Traffic in Montenegro is considered safe, although road conditions in some rural areas can be challenging due to the winding mountain terrain. Travellers driving in Montenegro should take extra care, especially on narrow roads and in adverse weather conditions. However, the state is investing in infrastructure improvements, so improvements are expected. Public transport, such as buses and taxis, is generally reliable and safe.

Health and medical services

Montenegro offers a reasonable level of health services, particularly in urban areas such as Podgorica and coastal towns. However, health facilities may be limited in more remote areas. Travellers are advised to have comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical emergencies and repatriation. In addition, it is essential to carry any prescription medication they may need before visiting Montenegro.

Political and social stability

Montenegro has demonstrated political stability in recent years and the country is actively working towards integration into the European Union. The local population is welcoming to tourists and cases of social unrest are rare. As considerate travellers, your relations with the locals will be more positive if you take into account local customs.

So if you have been hesitant about going to Montenegro on holiday up until now, you need not be overly worried.