Security situation in Albania


Albania is a beautiful Balkan country with great tourist potential

Security situation in Albania

Albania is a beautiful Balkan country with great tourist potential. It offers a rich array of natural beauty, cultural heritage and warm hospitality. However, many people are reluctant to visit this country because they live in the perception that it is a very dangerous country.

Low crime rates and tourist safety:

Albania even boasts a relatively low crime rate.

The Albanian government has taken significant steps over the years to improve security in heavily visited tourist areas and has invested in effective law enforcement strategies and community policing initiatives. Tourist police units have been established to provide assistance and support to visitors and ensure a positive experience and safety while exploring the beautiful landscapes, historic sites and vibrant towns.


Improving infrastructure and road safety:

Albania has made significant progress in improving its infrastructure, including its road network and transport systems. Efforts have been made to improve road safety through stricter enforcement of traffic regulations and increased public awareness. Travellers can expect safer road conditions, but it is still necessary to comply with traffic regulations when driving.

Emergency services and health care:

Albania maintains a reliable emergency services system, including police, firefighters and medical services. Emergency telephone numbers, such as 112, allow quick access to help when needed. The country has also made significant advances in health care, with modern health centres and well-trained professionals available in major cities. Visitors are advised to take out travel insurance to cover any health problems during their stay.

Care and personal safety:

Although Albania is generally safe, it is always advisable to take precautions especially for people travelling alone. Being aware of your surroundings, avoiding secluded areas at night and navigating well-lit and busy streets can contribute to personal safety. It is also advisable to keep valuable items safe, use trusted transport services and follow common sense safety precautions, as in any unfamiliar destination.