This article will deal with the conditions and procedure for the registration of rooms and suites under the Regulation on Requirements for Categorised Accommodation and Catering Establishments and Entertainment Establishments (adopted on 26.03.21), for the procedure for determining the category, as well as for the conditions and procedure for the registration of guest rooms and suites.

The purpose of the new ordinance is to establish new conditions and procedures for the registration of guest rooms and guest
suites and to categorize them as a type of accommodation - Class "B."

It is important to note that there are no occupancy restrictions on a dwelling or building when a guest room or guest
suite is provided to tourists. The legislator has decided to facilitate this activity by removing this restriction.

What documents do I need to register?

Important clarification.

The obligation to submit a document with the signatures of more than 50 percent of the owners in the building confirming their consent to carry out tourist activities has been abolished.

All the following documents are to be submitted to the mayor of the municipality where it is located.
The following documents are required:

1. Declaration of the application according to the template provided for in Article 129a of the Tourism Act to the Mayor of the municipality

The declaration of the application shall declare:

- The capacity of the place - number of rooms, number of beds;
- The property identifier within the meaning of Art. 2 of the Real Estate and Land Registry Act;
- Name of the person who will operate the hotel business and the name of the accommodation;
- Address of the accommodation;
- Telephone / fax and email address of the person, if any, and if the person does not have - the names of the authorized person and his/her telephone / fax and email address are given;

Persons other than the site owner must submit:

3. A document confirming their right to carry out activities on the site. The individualization of the document for use shall also be indicated;

The following documents shall be attached to the declaration:

- a) a copy of the document for use of the site, if it is not his own and not subject to entry;
- b) an express power of attorney, if the declaration of application is submitted by an agent;

If the person who actually carries out the activities on the site is different from the person indicated in the registration certificate, he shall submit a declaration of application for registration pursuant to Article 31 and Article 31 of the Convention. 129a of the Tourism Act.

In the event of a change in capacity, a new application statement shall be submitted.

Deadline for registration, termination and correction of errors

Within 7 days of the submission of the application statement, the Mayor of the Municipality or an official authorized by him shall issue an order for the registration and certification of persons who have applied for the management of a guest room/guest suite.

In the event you wish to discontinue your hotel business, you must file an application for discontinuance with the Village
Mayor. The time limit for termination of a permit is 3 days from the date of application

If there are any incompleteness or errors in the information provided on the application statement, you will have 3 days from receipt of the notice to correct them. Otherwise, the procedure is terminated.
According to Article 32, paragraph 2 of the Ordinance, the certificate of registration is indefinite.

What costs to expect?

The cost of categorizing rooms and suites can be found here:

About confirmation of the category of accommodation class B - rooms, guesthouses, guesthouses, bungalows and campsites:

- a) for categorization of tourist places - 10 BGN per bed
- b) for confirmation of categorization and on-site inspection - 10 BGN . per bed

Basic Obligations for Hotel Business

It is important to know that after renting rooms or apartments for guests, you are carrying out tourist activity within the meaning of Article 3 (1) (2) of the PA and you are obliged to keep records of tourists accommodated in the same way as categorized places for accommodation of class "A" and class "B" - hotels, motels, hostels, guest houses, etc.

- through a centralized information system managed by the Minister of Tourism, accessible via a public web or other application for online access;
- through an information system selected by the hotel operator that meets the requirements of the Law on Electronic Administration.

In the above register you are required to fill in the following tourist information:
- the full number of names of the foreigner;
- date and year of birth;
- nationality;
- passport number;
- the period of his/her stay in the tourist location.

Personal data

In all cases of renting apartments and guesthouses, as a trader and non-traders, you process the personal data of the persons you accommodate. Therefore, when conducting a hotel business, you are also acting as a data controller (LD) and have an obligation to bring your LD processing activities into compliance with the Data Protection Act and GDPR. As an LD controller, you must prepare, comply with and disclose your policies regarding personal data. The minimum requirements of the policy define the purposes for which LD is processed, ensuring the basic principles of transparency, accountability and respect for consumer rights.

If you need assistance or have questions about the terms and conditions of room and suite registration, please do not hesitate to contact us.